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Product Details

This back support belt is made of high quality elastic material , 4 pcs hard plastic inserts at back area.

XXL /XL /L/ M/ S  or OEM size

Features :
1.  Two padded shoulder strap for the prevention of waist during industrial activies  keeping it firmly in place.
2.  Four hard plastic stays in back provide greater support for keeping it firmly in place.
3.  double straps in both side give effect of movement limitation on lumbar-sacral region &extra abdominal pressure.

1. Provides Comfortable Relief from Lower back Strain
 2.Ideal aid for lifting weights during work
 3. Shoulder and Velcro Straps for easy and secure fitting 
4.Helps to reduce reptetitive back strain and discomfort.
5. Supporting lumbar regions . 
6.  supporting weakness muscle in lumbar region.
7.  preventing from injuries.