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Product Details

Material: mesh cloth .velcro 
Belt effectively protects spinal column from injuries and excessive loads. Shoulder straps "remind" wearer to take a correct position of a back while lifting heavy things – correct position is critical to avoid any serious damage to your back. 

Micropores of the fabric provide necessary air and moisture permeability, heat rejection and perspiration. 

Belt is to be worn directly on a body or cotton clothes. It is very comfortable to use daily.


1. Provides Comfortable Relief from Lower back Strain
 2.Ideal aid for lifting weights during work
 3. Shoulder and Velcro Straps for easy and secure fitting 
 4. Helps to reduce reptetitive back strain and discomfort.
 5. Supporting lumbar regions . 
 6. Supporting weakness muscle in lumbar region.
 7. Preventing from injuries.