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Product Details

Material: Breathable material , velcro , magnets .

Size: L/M/S or OEM size

Color: beige and black

1. To relieve discomfort on the lower back, 

2. For acquiring a physiologically correct posture,
3.  For warming and bracing muscles
4. Effectively improve blood circulation around the wrist.
5. Reduce muscle fatigue and promote pro-active cell metabolism

How Does it works:

Magnetic Therapy: By the use of static Magnets placed on our body, the iron in our blood is attracted to the magnetic field of the support, this causes movement within the blood stream and increased activity causes the blood flow to improve. With improved blood flow to the target area, it increases the oxygen, nutrients and hormones in the area and in turn help injury to heal much faster and reduce pain much more effectively. There are 17 strategically placed magnets in the support to provide a wide coverage of pain relief for your back and lower body.

Therapeutic Heat: This tourmaline back support contains Far Infra Red tourmaline, a material that generates heat when in close contact with the body. It's a natural substance that does not require batteries or electricity. There are two Tourmaline heating pads, one at the front and one at the back. Care is needed when first using the support as Tourmaline heating affects people in different ways. It is recommended that you start with the pads dry and as you get used to the amount of heat generated, the pads can be dampened for even more heat if needed