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  • KAOKKU_J[`FI5U@8E`H`17I

Product Details

Material:Polypropylene material molding

Size:free size

High adjustable: 4 gears

Function characteristics:

1, simple structure, easy to operate.
2, the internal material is qualitative soft, the injured in the process of wear comfort, avoid secondary scratches.
3, the characteristic of the lock to ensure that the neck collar solid and symmetry.
4, there are many different size to choose, suitable for different people, with obvious mark on product, easy to use adjustment according to actual condition.
5, no metal design, X-ray, MRI, CT through excellent results.
6, very large airway openings for carotid artery monitoring.
7, the rear opening design facilitate diagnosis and breathable.
Eight, can be used with spinal fixation plate, head holder